About Us

PPC Mechanical  Seals was founded in 1958, making us one of the oldest and largest seal manufacturers in the World today. 

From our beginnings in the 50’s making components and repairing all types of seals, we have grown into one of the World’s premier mechanical seal companies. Over the years we have evolved from repair and servicing other seals to our own proprietary product lines.  We have stayed true to our humble beginnings and maintained our integrity by sourcing only US made raw materials, and by continuing to manufacture everything in Baton Rouge, LA.

We are not humble about the fact that we are an Employee-Owned Company. We pride ourselves on that fact and that we are one of the last seal companies that can say, MADE IN THE USA. 

Today’s PPC is much different than the company established in 1958. From the beginning we have made it a priority to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies and advances both in seal technology and manufacturing capability. Examples of that claim are easily proven, we have produced the world’s first (and only production) split double mechanical seal, leaders in diamond face technology (both diamond technologies), we manufacture metal bellows, plus the latest contacting and non-contacting gas seal technologies (Uni and Bi-directional). 

In today’s ultra-competitive seal market PPC stands out through superior service, exceptional quality, short turnaround times, competitive pricing, excellent expertise, and willingness to design custom engineered seals. 

At PPC you are not dealing with a multi-billion dollar conglomerate, you are dealing with good honest business people (we are all owners), that know seals and know that we have to outperform and out deliver the other seal companies. 

We invite you to come visit and see the difference.