Training is one of the cornerstones of success for any plant’s program for maximizing performance and safety.

Empowering your people with the knowledge and skills increases their confidence, and supplements their expertise in managing real world issues and challenges at the plant level.

PPC advocates a balanced training focusing on mechanical seals, seal systems, environmental controls, pumps, pumping systems, related plant equipment and operations. Understanding the interplay amongst these interconnected items will help your team operate and maintain your plant at peak performance levels continuously.

The goals of our training programs:

  1. An optimized seal program to fit your plants needs at the appropriate level of sophistication and cost. Maximizing your performance, and safety while reducing your cost of ownership. Lowest total cost of ownership within your budget.
  2. Utilize best practices in the operation of seals and pumps.
  3. Utilize best practice in the maintenance of seals and pumps.
  4. Utilize tools such as: failure analysis, root cause analysis, life cycle analysis, total cost analysis, etc.
  5.  Understand the basic interplay of pumps (and related systems) on seals.
  6. To employ the most cost effective and plant appropriate support systems (API environmental controls).

Training is available in multiple formats to meet your individual needs:

  1. Onsite training at your facility or nearby offices.
  2. At PPC’s training facility in Baton Rouge, LA.
  3. Virtual training
  4. Custom training with custom curriculums to meet your specific requirements.

Contact PPC or your local PPC representative to set up your training seminar today.

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