Pulp and Paper

The industry of pulp and paper has been around for centuries in many forms; however, the process largely remains the same. It begins with raw wood that is broken down through either chemical digesters or mechanical pulping (such as TMP). Once broken down, the fibers are separated, the lignin (biomass) is recovered then concentrated in evaporators, and then burned as a biofuel in the powerhouse. This provides power, steam (heat), a carbon off set with the biofuel, plus the resulting detritus from the burned biofuel is recovered to be used in another part of the plant. The chemicals throughout the process can be recovered and re-utilized.

The pulp is then cleaned and washed, then sent to either the bleach plant or directly to the paper machine to produce a final paper product: fine papers, consumer papers, or kraft paper (cardboard).

Each area proposes its own unique sealing issues, from the pulp mill, to the evaporators (black liquors), the powerhouse (green liquor), the re-causticizing (white liquor), paper machine (paper stock has unique properties when it comes to seals), condensate from the paper machines (extremely hot water which is tough on seals), and then plant utilities.

PPC makes unique seals designed for the paper industry:

  • The World’s only Split Double Seal!
  • Single split seals
  • Gearbox seals for a positive contacting seal faces to eliminate all contamination.
  • Single seals for hot condensate that run without extra cooling. No need for coolers, or double seals. No more steam leakage.

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