Chemicals is a very broad and encompassing market, which can be segregated into a few broad categories: basic chemicals, life sciences, specialty chemicals and consumer products. 

Basic chemicals (commodity) include polymers, petrochemicals /intermediates (bulk), other derivatives, inorganic chemicals, and fertilizers.

Life sciences, as the name implies, are chemical and biological substances for the control and influence of your life, your pets, and your yard. For example, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, animal health products, vitamins, and pesticides.

Specialty chemicals include electronics chemicals, industrial gases, adhesives, sealants as well as coatings, industrial and institutional cleaning chemicals, and catalysts.

Consumer chemicals encompass a broad range of applications: specialty polymers, surfactants, construction chemicals, industrial cleaners, flavors and fragrances, printing inks, food additives, paper chemicals, oil field chemicals, adhesives, cosmetics, water management chemicals, catalysts, and textile chemicals.

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