Failure Analysis

As we all know, mechanical seals are complex devices, and for many users, a source of recurring headaches and maintenance repairs. PPC wants to help you make those headaches and “bad actors” disappear. By partnering with PPC, an experienced and technically capable seal manufacturer, we can help to eliminate the road blocks to increasing your plant’s uptime. PPC has a long history in the repair and upgrading of all types of seals including our competitor’s designs.  We can help you establish a seal failure analysis program which has proven to increase equipment reliability, remove bad actors, and increase mean time between repair (MTBR) for seal users.

PPC offers various forms of failed equipment analysis feedback, these can vary from simple seal component condition forms to comprehensive root cause analysis reports, with detailed photographs, explanations, and recommendations for improved seal performance. Failed seals are inspected by trained seal engineers, with experience on common and uncommon failure modes and an understanding that the seal is part of a bigger system. 

PPC has an extensive breadth of knowledge on rotating equipment and its proper operation. This expertise coupled with the knowledge garnered through failure analysis, allows us to pinpoint the issues that are causing premature seal failure. We will work with your reliability team to identify these issues, share knowledge, and propose alternatives and upgrades that can reduce premature seal failures, and increase equipment reliability.