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Pusher Seals

Pusher mechanical seals are one of the primary types of seals in the marketplace today. They can be found in virtually every piece of industrial OEM rotating equipment moving liquids or gas: including pumps, mixers, and compressors.

A pusher seal has a set of faces that form the primary seal (two components in which one face rotates against a stationary face). Then it has secondary seals (O-rings, U-cups, wedges), typically composed of elastomeric compounds or PTFE. These form static seals to the equipment while one acts as a dynamic (sliding) seal allowing the seal to move with the equipment to accommodate for wear, tear, and vibration.

Featured Seal: 1500E Seal

Split Seals

Split seals are just what their description says: a seal that has been split. The components are engineered and machined as a matched set and the faces are split in a proprietary way to ensure edges that easily re-pair. PPC also has a patented alignment clip for the faces insuring a perfect fit every time. PPC also utilizes the largest cross sections possible in the seals to ensure stability and a long wear life.

PPC as the leader in split seal technology developed the World’s first split double seal, designed for those applications needing a double seal.

Featured Seal: 2400S Split Double Seal

Metal Bellows Seals

Metal bellows are an excellent choice for aggressive applications that attack elastomers. They excel in extreme applications that ruin elastomers or make them ineffective: cryogenic and extreme high temperatures.

While formed metal bellows seals were developed around 1938, edge welded bellows were introduced in the 1950’s. Edge welded bellows have distinct advantages over formed bellows: higher flexibility (not as stiff) and greater travel. PPC manufactures a full line of metal bellows seals in our manufacturing plant in Louisiana.

Featured Seal: Ultraseal 1700 High Temp Metal Bellows Seal

Engineered Seals

Since 1958 PPC has developed engineered seals for just about every conceivable piece of rotating equipment. As an American made and Employee-Owned company, PPC takes great pride in delivering solutions where competitors have failed to meet the challenge or fallen short of the target. We have a tremendous advantage with our design team and have a significant history with a multitude of designs and styles. We are not locked into one type of face geometry or legacy products in a catalog. We combine our experience with the latest in computer and virtual technologies in our design process, including but not limited to Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Pressure Velocity software, Thermal Generation (prediction) software, and software for designing gas seal groove profiles to give you the optimal solution for your plant. Our size, the tenure of our people, and the experience of 6 decades of sealing gives us the edge in responsiveness, quality of design and the delivery of your sealing solution for the right price.

Featured Seal: PSL Slurry Seal

Pipeline and Midstream Seals

PPC has manufactured seals for all the major pipelines since our inception in 1958. Our products, service and technology are second to none. We utilize the latest technologies including Diamond Faces and Gas Seals to solve the most difficult applications. The technology we used is amplified by our experience of 62 years working with our designs and our competitor’s designs. The re-engineering of those designs gives us a unique competitive commercial advantage, we are able to service, repair and upgrade many of the industry’s current designs. 

We have sealed all of the major types of pipelines:  refined products, crude oils, NGL, LNG, LPG, CO2, and produced water. We are one of the leaders offering sealing upgrades for mixers such as: Plenty, Jensen, Philadelphia and others.

Featured Seal: PUDKW Single Cartridge Seal

API Seals

PPC has a long history of manufacturing API seals, from 1958 until the present.  PPC manufactures its API 682 seals at its main manufacturing plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Furthermore, PPC welds its own metal bellows seals at this factory, manufacturing both single ply bellows and double ply bellows.

Over the years the refining (oil and gas) industry has constantly worked on improving seal designs, materials, and the performance of the seals. PPC has stayed at the forefront of that progress, always being a leader in: seal designs, adoption of new technologies and the latest materials.

Featured Seal: 682A Pusher Seal

Engineered Seal Systems

An essential element to the successful operation of mechanical seals is the right application of the appropriate environmental controls. Mechanical seals need to be kept cool, clean and lubricated, a mantra you will hear at any mechanical seal training seminar. API (American Petroleum Institute) has assembled and organized the plans numerically under its API 682 code for mechanical seals, to ensure that everyone is operating off a standard set of descriptions and nomenclature. The standardized plans may be further altered to each customer’s specific preferences (e.g. switches vs. transmitters).

Featured System: PPC Plan 53B