Corn, Grain and Food Processing

Corn and grain processing are key industries for final products and making feedstocks for other industries. Grain products range from corn, soybeans, canola, wheat, barley and other grains. In addition, we see potatoes, beets, sugar cane, and sorghum. Typical products from these grains and organic matter range from fuels, starches, food, food additives, alcohols (consumer and industrial), methanol, ethanol, paper additives, and syrups. We also have extensive experience in the growing consumer products markets such as whiskeys, vodkas, bourbons, scotches, alcoholic specialty beverages and beer.

Biodiesel is being produced from soybeans, fats (a byproduct from food processing), recycled oils and other organic based products. We are seeing a renewed interest in biodiesel, specifically in the area of recycled animal fats. PPC has worked closely with the industry leaders in biodiesel to provide superior solutions to their unique processes.

While biodiesel has multiple sources for raw materials, the other products are from organics such as grains and vegetables. The stages of grain processing are very similar: steeping, wet milling, germ separation, fine grinding and screening, oil separation, de-solventizing, starch separation, syrup conversion, oil extraction, fermentation, biodiesel (soy), bioproducts, and oleochemicals. The production methods for processing beets, sugar cane and potatoes differ at the start of the processing while the finishing of them uses very similar applications.