PPC Mechanical Seals is an industry innovator in seal technology and a leader in seal engineering. PPC’s extensive background in reverse engineering competitor’s seals over the years has given us unique insight into the mechanics of true seal performance in real world scenarios.

We couple this extensive seal performance knowledge with the most advanced seal design software, 3D modeling and specialized Finite Element Analysis (FEA) packages to design and model the optimum seal for your application.

Research and development, at PPC’s facility and in conjunction with our key customers, is another reason we stay at the forefront of technology. By listening and working with our customers, PPC has innovated many new seal technologies, such as the World’s first split double seal, new cryogenic seal technology, and leading the way in diamond face technologies.

Our Engineering Team is exceptional at:

  • Designing and modeling gas seals: contacting dry running seals and optimized lift off profiles for uni-directional or bi-directional gas seals.
  • Design diamond face seals for slurries, low lubricity applications, dry running, etc.
  • Cryogenic applications
  • High temperature applications
  • API 682 Seals (All categories, styles and types)
  • Large and complex reactor/mixer seals: dry running, lift off, triple seals, and much more.
  • Making cost conscious upgrades to standard seals to improve performance and not break your budget.
  • Turn arounds: we strive to be the quickest in designing solutions, quoting and problem solving.
  • Designing seal systems and optimizing your environmental controls.
  • Analyzing the system wide picture to develop a sealing solution to overcome any system drawbacks or deficiencies that cannot be addressed without a significant capital outlay. (Utilizing root cause analysis as one tool.)
  • Using Life Cycle Analysis and Total Cost Analysis to bring you the optimum solutions with justification.

Reach out to discover how we can excel over competitors in our product offerings, responsive technical service, and adherence to high quality standards.