Cryogenic Services

Cryogenic applications are found in many more applications than most people realize. If you were asked to name the industries that use or make up this market segment you would probably guess air separation plants for common cryo liquids, LNG/NGL, aerospace (rocket fuels), and oxygen for hospitals. All of these are accurate however they only encompass a portion of the true markets. Cryogenic services are found in many other industries: pharmaceutical (nitrogen), scientific research, electronics, automotive, and food/beverage (freezing and CO2).

PPC has one of the largest selections of mechanical seals to handle those cryogenic services and their pumps. From the trailer pumps you see delivering around the city, to pipelines and in the air separation plants producing the base liquids, we can handle it all (O2, N2, CO2, Ar, NO2, NGL, LNG, NH3, etc.).

PPC has developed new seal face technology for cryogenic trailer pumps, exceeding the industry standard seal life by many times. We are one of the few manufacturers of gas seals for these types of services too. Click here to see our article featured in Pumps & Systems magazine.

All cryogenic welded metal bellows are manufactured by PPC at its bellows manufacturing facility in Baton Rouge, LA.