Mixer and Reactor Seal Repair

One of PPC Mechanical Seals competitive advantages in the marketplace is our knowledge, experience, and facilities to repair and recondition all major brands of mixer seals, including but not limited to: SPX (Lightnin), NOV (Chemineer), Philadelphia, Fusion, Ekato, De Dietrich, Pfaudler, and others.   In addition, we can manufacture and design completely new seals for your units.  PPC utilizes a dedicated mixer seal repair cell and is experienced in handling shaft diameters up to 9”+ inches. Our dedicated cell and experience mean that PPC has the fastest turn around in the industry for these types of seals. 

PPC has one of the most complete and comprehensive programs for repairing seal assemblies. We routinely handle all types of seals, including those with stub shafts, bearing assemblies, glass components, dry running and gas seals. The seals are completely disassembled, cleaned, and thoroughly inspected by our Quality Control department. PPC evaluates all critical tolerances and fits to ensure “like new” condition of the complete assembly. Upon completion of our repair, we will assemble and statically test your seal.

Another key service for you, performing a formal failure analysis on your old seal. A failure analysis can determine the cause of failure and what critical upgrades should be implemented to increase performance of the seal. 

PPC is the leader in mixer and reactor seals, new and repaired. Send us your seal and see what we can do for you.

Reactor/Mixer/Agitator Autoclave Seals

PPC manufactures and repairs a complete line of
seals for reactors, mixers, agitators, and autoclaves.
They include single seals, double/tandem seals,
dry running seals, pharmaceutical seals, seals
with bearings internally, large diameters, special
metallurgies, etc.