The pharmaceutical industry is thousands of years old. Mankind has applied herbs, plants and other conjectures with records dated back to the 28th century BC.

While the original pharmaceuticals were typically distillations, or derivatives of naturally occurring drugs (plant based), today’s pharma industry is an extremely large, multi-faceted, and diverse conglomeration of companies and products. The industry is involved in the documentation/discovery, development, production, and marketing of pharmaceutical drugs for use as medications to be administered to patients (human and animal) for the purpose of providing a cure, symptom/s relief, and as a vaccination.

For mechanical sealing purposes the pharmaceutical industry presents some unique challenges: the breadth of products, doing production in batches, and the additional process of “clean in place” (keeping things sanitary). This puts a heavy burden on maintaining a high level of seal performance. Considering the thousands and thousands of compounds, combined with the requirements for the sanitary services, the need for special surface finishes (electropolish), special material considerations (Alloy C-276, Tantalum, Titanium), and contamination concerns all make a difficult sealing situation even worse.

PPC has an extensive history (60+ years) in the design and repair of seals for the pharma industry. We offer a full gamut of seals and upgrades for your pump seals. Plus, we specialize in engineered seals for your reactors, mixers, and autoclaves, even converting your current systems from a liquid system to a gas system.