The downstream sector is typically thought of as refining of crude oil only, however that is only a fraction of the market, it also encompasses the processing of LNG and NGL. It further includes the derivative products from their refinement and subsequent distribution or further processing into other petrochemicals.

PPC has been actively involved in the downstream market since its inception in 1958, always staying abreast of the latest changes in API 682 requirements. PPC also prides itself on being at the forefront of technology, for example we have dry running contacting seals, gas lift off seals (non-contacting, both directions) and Diamond faces. For diamond faces we are one of the only companies to offer both diamond technologies for the consumer, giving you the best option for your application. 

PPC is also one of the few US manufacturers of welded metal bellows for the high temperature, cryogenic and for API 682 B and C style seals.