PPC has extensive experience in sealing all the aspects of midstream: gathering, LACT systems, gas processing, gas compression, gas drying, cleaning, treatment, cryogenic facilities, storage and pipelines.  PPC also has solid long-term solutions for hot amines, an issue for many plants in the industry. 

PPC has manufactured seals for all the major pipelines and midstream groups since our inception in 1958. Our products, services and technology are second to none. We utilize the latest technologies including Diamond Faces and Gas Seals to solve the most difficult applications. 

Our history with repairs gives us a unique advantage over the competition as we’re able to service and upgrade many of the industry’s current designs in addition to offering our unique solutions. We offer everything from single cartridge seals for crude to full contacting dry running gas seals with diamond faces for super critical light hydrocarbons. We can repair the seals in kind, or we can upgrade your designs and standardize them. 

We offer full programs for your gas plants or pipelines. We will benchmark and survey your site providing you a path forward on bringing your plant to its optimum operating potential. Ask us how we can improve your seal program from your current supplier.