PPC Brochure

Welcome to PPC Mechanical Seals, one of the World’s oldest and largest seal manufacturers, a company built by meeting and exceeding our Customer’s needs.

PPC’s long history began in 1958 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where
production continues to this day. In 1958 seals were relatively simple
in design; however in today’s marketplace you have a huge range of
seals and sealing devices for all types of rotating equipment. To cover all industries and all types of equipment globally, the list of seals and styles is very long. For example, since 1958, we have seen the development of split seals (singles and doubles), noncontacting and contacting gas seals, high pressure seals, edge welded metal bellows seals, high temperature seals, reactor seals, API, ANSI, DIN cartridge seals, etc. Over the years PPC has pursued the latest technologies to better meet our Customer’s needs. In fact, PPC produced the world’s first and only split double mechanical seal in direct response to a Customer’s request for a double seal that did not involve tearing down the equipment to remove and install the seal.

PPC started its days as a local seal manufacturer serving the Gulf Coast of the United States, however, today we are a Global competitor with distribution across the globe. PPC has developed an excellent reputation with our customers on every level through our superior service, exceptional quality, short turnaround times, competitive pricing, excellent expertise, and a willingness to design custom engineered seals.

When discussing quality and expertise, PPC has no equal. We are an
Employee Owned Company (ESOP), the employees are the stockholders.

As stockholders in PPC, we know that Quality is what sets PPC apart
from the competition and increases the company’s stock value.
The stockholders (employees) at PPC want you to know that you are not dealing with a multi-billion dollar conglomerate; you are dealing with people who care, people who know seals and understand that to continue our growth we have to outperform and out deliver the competition. You are not just a number in our book, you’re the reason we exist. We invite you to visit PPC and see the difference.