Company News

Welcome to PPC’s New Website (finally)!

For those of you that know us, we have been talking about launching our new website for 2 years… well now it’s here! We would like to blame the supply chain and the pandemic for the delay; however, those excuses don’t apply here, we have simply been busy making seals. For the record, 4 out of our last 6 years have been record years (2022 was the highest ever). The 2 years for the pandemic were simply flat, which by industry standards mean they were good years.

We are excited for you to see the new and improved site.

By launching our brand-new website, we are presenting a modern and streamlined look into our company and capabilities. On our site, you will find all the latest information on the products and services we offer. We have seal brochures, technical information, API flush plans/environmental controls, industry overviews, and informative guides all available for you.

In addition, this entry kicks off our new PPC company blog. With this feature, you can expect insights into all topics seal-related, written and contributed by our very own seal specialists, distributors, field engineers, and industry experts. Topics will stretch across the industry of mechanical seals, including:

  • Technical subjects such as failure analysis, applications engineering, and seal design
  • Company news with PPC
  • Case studies from our decades of experience and our distributors
  • Industry trends
  • Customer requests

We know that this information will prove invaluable and serve as a means to learn about our company.  Once you see our capabilities, you will see why people choose PPC to be their partner in providing their sealing solutions. Come and see what’s missing from your current program.

For any questions or for information not presented here, please reach out to us and one of our PPC Representatives will be available for assistance.