682B Series Seals

The 682B Series of cartridge seals represent seals produced by PPC meeting the criteria of the Type B design under API Standard 682. These designs are balanced, internally mounted cartridge non-pusher seals with a flexible metal bellows element and static O-ring secondary sealing members. Designed as Category 2 seals per API 682, these designs are fully compatible with API 610 pumps. 

Per API 682, the standard seal design features a rotating flexible element (metal bellows), with the option of a stationary bellows design. Under the API Standard, the seals are applicable to process temperatures up to 350 °F (176 °C) as an option to Type A seals for applications where a metal bellows provides increased performance over a dynamic O-ring. 

682B Series seals may be provided in all three API Arrangements (single, tandem, double), and may be configured to suit individual applications. Various flush designs and forms of leakage containment are available, including: 

  • Distributed flush designs including multi-port rings 
  • Solid and segmented floating throttle bushings