Petrochemicals are the derivative products of the downstream industry, typically intermediate products such as refinery products, natural gas, plastics, alcohols (methyl and ethyl), acetone, ethylene, benzene, and toluene to name a few. We encounter all manner of applications and pump types. From API, to ANSI, to positive displacement, high pressure, and high speed, PPC has a solution for you.  PPC has been actively involved in the petrochemical markets for over 60 years, being a leader in bringing the newest technology to our customers.  For example, we have: dry running contacting seals, gas lift off seals (non- contacting, both directions) and Diamond faces. For diamond faces we are one of the only companies to offer both diamond technologies for the consumer, giving you the best options for your applications.

PPC is also a leader in support systems for your mechanical seal needs. Seal reservoirs (API or ANSI) and plans include but are not limited to: 52, 53, 54 and 55 skids, 65’s, 66, 70 series gas systems, heat exchangers, and other instrumentation.