Split Seals

Split seals are just what their description says: a seal that has been split. The components are engineered and machined as a matched set and the faces are split in a proprietary way to ensure edges that easily re-pair. PPC also has a patented alignment clip for the faces insuring a perfect fit every time. PPC also utilizes the largest cross sections possible in the seals to ensure stability and a long wear life.

PPC as the leader in split seal technology developed the World’s first split double seal, designed for those applications needing a double seal. Split seals have a few significant advantages over solid cartridge seals and component seals:

  • The equipment does not have to be dismantled to install the seal. This is especially critical in the case of large pieces of equipment and difficult to access areas.
  • The turnaround time for changing a split seal is significantly less than pulling the entire piece of equipment. The equipment stays in place and does not have to be removed.
  • It can eliminate the need for processing units and reduce the amount of seal inventory since repair kits can be installed. The repair turnaround time of the seal is measured in minutes vs days and weeks when a seal must be sent out of the plant for repair.
  • Cost of seal repairs and the cost of inventory can be reduced. Full cartridge seal spares can be reduced, the repair time is much shorter, and the cost of the repair kits are less than a typical cartridge repair.

1200S Split Single Seal

PPC’s stationary single split mechanical seal. The seal was designed to have the fewest pieces possible and maintain the highest mechanical integrity.

2400S Split Double Seal

The world’s first and only stationary split double mechanical seal. PPC has taken split seal technology to an entirely new level.